To provide assurance that equipment is designed, manufactured and installed to the appropriate standards a review against relevant standards, codes, guidelines and contracts may be undertaken.

Reviews of this type provide the use with the confidence that the equipment is as specified and meets the documented requirements of Australian Standards, Codes of Practice, Guidelines and other internal documentation.

Some examples of recent reviews undertaken include;

  • AS 4024
    Safety of Machinery
  • AS 4024.3601 (Previously AS 1755)
    Conveyors – General Requirements
  • AS 1657
    Fixed platforms, walkways  stairways and ladders –
    Design, construction and installation
  • AS 60204
    Safety of machinery – Electrical equipment of machines –
  • AS 3007
    Electrical installations—Surface mines and associated processing plant
  • AS/NZS 4240
    Remote control systems for mining equipment
  • AS/NZS 4871.1
    Electrical equipment for mines and quarries
  • MDG-28
    Safety requirements for coal stockpiles and reclaim tunnels
  • MDG-35.1
    Guideline for bolting and drilling plant in mines
  • MDG-40
    Guideline for Hazardous Energy Control (Isolation or Treatment)
  • MDG-41
    Fluid Power Systems Safety
  • MDG-1032
    Guideline for the prevention, early detection and suppression of fires in coal mines
  • MDG-2007
    Guideline for the selection and implementation of collision management systems for mining